Cool Season Color Selections

Even though our Texas winters can be cold, we can still take advantage of our climate and create beautiful winter landscapes with annual color. Old favorites like pansies, snapdragons and ageratum are artfully interspersed with new favorites like Swiss chard and lobelia by Prestonwood’s landscape managers for cool season beauty.

Enjoy these cool season favorites then head over to the Landscape Color gallery to see them in action or get ready for hotter weather in our Warm Season gallery.

Rocky Blue for You Viola
Yellow Rocky Golden Viola
White Silhouette Mix Pansy
Matrix Yellow Blotch Pansy
Imperial Antique Shades Pansy
Deep Purple Blotch Pansy
Crown Azure Pansy
Copperfield Pansy
Colossus White Pansy
Silhouette Mix Pansies
White Delta Pure Colors Pansy
Royal Purple Delta Pure Colors Pansy
Mixed Delta Pure Colors Mix Pansies
Crown Mix Pansies
Scarlet Dianthus
Pink Dianthus
White Cyclamen
Vibrant Pink Cyclamen
Red Cyclamen
Dusty Rose Chrysanthemums
White Chrysanthemums
Rose with Yellow Crown Chrysanthemums
Red Chrysanthemums
Pure White Chrysanthemums
Pink Chrysanthemums
Peach Chrysanthemums
Light Pink Chrysanthemums
Light Pink Chrysanthemums
Lavender Chrysanthemums
Gold Crown Chrysanthemums
Bright Yellow Chrysanthemums
Bronze Chrysanthemums
White Kale
Peacock Red Kale
Heather White Kale
Red Osaka Cabbage