Commercial Landscape Color

Prestonwood Landscape makes our customers’ properties stand out in all seasons with the latest in annual color selections. Choose what suits your property best or let us decide, either way, the results are stunning.

Visit our Cool Season and Warm Season landscape color galleries to see a sampling of plants we use in our color beds.

'Sun Mix' petunias • sun

impatiens mix • morning sun/shade

petunias, dianthus, celosia, lobelia • sun
salvia, angelonia, vinca • sun
petunias, rose geraniums • sun
sweet potato vine • sun/shade
coleus, penta, lobelia • sun
periwinkle, lantana • sun
petunia, hibiscus, lobelia, fountain grass, bulbine, cordyline • sun
coleus, lantana • sun
impatiens • morning sun/shade
impatiens • morning sun/shade
pansies, dusty miller • sun/filtered sun
periwinkle, lantana • sun
croton, blue salvia, white fan flower, mexican heather • sun/filtered light
hibiscus, zinnia • sun
pansy mix • filtered sun
hibiscus, esperanza, petunia, rubber plant, sansevieria • sun/filtered sun
hibiscus, esperanza, petunia, rubber plant, sansevaria • sun/filtered sun