Warm Season Color Selections

HOT Texas summers are no problem for Prestonwood Landscape. We select our summer color to beat the heat and look its best!

Peruse our warm season favorites then visit our Landscape Color gallery to see some of our best work with color. Looking forward to cooler weather? Visit our Cool Season gallery for fall and winter color ideas.

White African Daisy
Light Lavender African Daisy
Green Gold Daisy
Dahlberg Daisy
Sunburst Orange Cosmos
Orange Cosmos
Cosmic Yellow Cosmos
Sweet Broom
Red Verbena
Pink Verbena
Lavender Verbena
Pink Sun Hibiscus
Yellow Sun Hibiscus
Peach Sun Hibiscus
Sundial Yellow Portulaca
Safari Yellow Marigold
Safari Orange Marigold
Antigua Yellow Marigold
Safari Marigold
Super Elfin Mix Impatiens
Seaside Mix Impatiens
Ruibals Mix Impatiens
Gnome Purple Gomphrena
Pinto Deep Rose Geranium
Red Coleus
Alabama Coleus
Yellow Celosia
Red Celosia
White Christmas Caladium
Red Flash Caladium
John Peed Caladium
Gingerland Caladium
Carolyn Wharton Caladium
Aaron Caladium
White Allysum
Lavender Allysum